Updates on our project :

Since our first meeting in April we have been tabling, gaining support and recruiting volunteers from the Minneapolis community. Right now, we are focused on fundraising to purchase land, finding architects to design the microhomes, locating a suitable parcel of land and coordinating with the City to ensure the long term viability of our efforts.

Interview with KFAI

Local community radio station KFAI interviewed two of our members on their show, News from the Ground. Listen to hear the story of the land trust and to hear our members answer questions about our project.  (The interview begins around the 29-minute mark)

Listen here

Sweeps Survey, a collaboration with Carleton College

Carleton College is conducting research on the public health consequences of encampment evictions. Their researchers have offered that the GBC Land Trust can be involved in street outreach and data collection. To be connected with this effort, fill out our volunteer form

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